1474458866_featured.jpegHey guys, so I should probably introduce myself. My name’s Shawn Collier and over the years I’ve gone by several names and tried many ventures on the interwebs and they’ve all resulted in me losing myself in whatever it was I was doing and saying… “Yeah, this isn’t me!”
So you might be aware if you’ve been batted out this way on some of my other blogs, I once went by the name Starfor52. I realised as far as promotion goes, this was never going to work, partly because my name isn’t Starfor52, there was no reason for the number other than the fact that I’d forgotten that there were 50 states in America and not indeed 51 and of all the aliases I’ve tried they were all further from the truth than I’d have liked to admit.
So, my friend and I were talking a couple of days ago now about where we see ourselves with blogging, making videos and generally doing the things we love and I decided then that it was probably time to clean up my internet history (which is funny because it really didn’t look very good a short time ago and I’m not even talking about cleaning my act!).

YouTube has long been a video subscription service for me where the key element in what people talk about is the truth and so having watched an Emma Blackery video on her new channel Vloggery, something hit home with me. In exactly the same way as Emma had described, I too have embarked on countless projects, told the internet that I was back and would be posting regularly and nothing ever stuck. Partly, I suspect, because I wasn’t pouring my heart into content I actually believed in and, perhaps more significantly, I was wandering around as someone that I’m not. I’m not mysterious, I’m not famous and I haven’t yet built my web empire yet (stay tuned).

For my full-time job, I work in retail. I reside in the UK in a little town called Crediton in the county of Devon. It’s a great little place if you’re in to small town life and I’ve travelled quite a bit in life, so I’m quite used to journeying and not really having somewhere to call home. I love to create music (I do pretty everything: the singing, the production, the writing of the lyrics…) videos, write, take photos and generally the creative things in life, just so we’re clear though I have no talent whatsoever in regards to drawing, painting or generally being tidy. My second love is animation, in particular, Disney movies. I’ve always thought that if I’d been any good at impressions or acting, I’d probably have tried to become a voice actor at some point by now, but alas, that isn’t the case.

More recently, I’ve been residing with my fiancé in a small flat underneath a house. (I’m pretty sure it was once their garage – luckily they don’t drive, but they do have a sweet spot for extra-loud dance music!) We’ve gotten much more into gaming than I’d ever thought possible (but when I say gaming I really mean the bulk of RPGs and Nintendo games) and theme parks.

That’s a brief introduction to who I am and what I’ll be doing here. A little bit of a just about everything and I’d be very pleased to have you all on this magical journey with me.

Talk to you guys soon.

– Shawn.