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The Cycle of Musical Creation

So those of you who know I write, know that I’ve usually got my hand in one or two projects at any given time. Right now, I believe there’s four or five and that keeps my creativity going. 

I’m sitting here writing this because I’m pleased with myself, some years I end up writing a few decent songs and sometimes I end up with tonnes of material that are either covers, or I can’t use or just aren’t cutting it. Last year was focused so pretty much every song that made the cut had to work, they also all seemed to fit a theme and honestly, 2016 was a brilliant year for me because I didn’t have any hideous moments that I vow will never see the light of day. 

My cycle of musical creativity is different from writing novels, scripts, poetry, you name it because it demands to be felt first. If I’ve got an idea for a song it will either pass or fail within the next hour. If I can replicate what’s in my head and keep on adding fresh sounds to layer up with one another and then find a compelling melody within that then I just might have a winner. If I cannot however, it’s at this point that a lot of my tracks are cut. 

There doesn’t really seem to be a time limit for dealing with a musical piece after this, as long as the foundations are in place I find it’s much easier to go back to. Rough vocals, little snippets of melody to point me towards the direction my instrumental is going in are all really useful because it makes remembering my big idea that little bit more attainable when I come back to it. 

I’ll go for weeks, sometimes months (though it’s rare for me not to do anything within this time) before I come up with a new idea, new chord progressions I haven’t used, themes I haven’t explored, ways to tell a new story within this time almost nothing works. It gets a little saddening just waiting but it really does seem to occur naturally and when that idea hits it’s like riding a wave of momentum and I forget just how hard it’s been trying to force something new out.

I’m writing this post because I’m out of this rut right now and that’s always cause for celebration. It’s also nice to be writing about something positive and to be reflecting on my previous work because, “hello!” I have previous work! It makes me feel a little bit like I actually know what I’m talking about and I love sharing whatever that may be here with you guys, so keep yourselves inspired this year and may 2017 be as fulfilling creatively as you want it to be. 


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