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To Tell You The Truth • It’s Just a Phase

Life can get pretty boring and I like to think that in recent months I’ve tried thinks that are different. Some of these have worked and some…well, took a little bit more work. 

The world is full of fads and trends and I love living in an age where I actually feel that I’ll be accepted and love no matter what choices I make, helps me to feel empowered in whatever it is I’m doing. Something I’ve been loving doing for a few years now is dyeing my hair. You’ll notice, if you know me, it’s very often a different colour each time you see me; I’ve been dyeing it blonde for several months but before this I tried a richer brown, various shades of red and a truly awful orange.

I settled on blonde for one of several reasons, when it comes to my hair brown is boring, and it’s a pretty fair brown, I’ve wanted my blonde hair back from my youth ever since I remember it being blonde and it now being this basic mousey, neither here nor there, brown colour. Secondly, you can do a lot with blonde, it’s a great starting point. Luckily, my hair is light enough that it takes to pretty much anything but blonde without a toner can be very yellow and so I began experiment after my last haircut with some toner, I achieved a pretty good lilac while I was last at the hairdressers and it left my hair a platinum colour, which was super clean and something I feel a lot of people in their twenties are going for. I love crazy colours and a colour I’ve wanted to go for a very long time now, is blue. 

Pastels are ultimately my preference, they’re not too bold, and I’ve a pretty pale complexion. Sure enough they washout and fade over time but that only gives me more colours to choose from in a shorter time frame which means you wouldn’t be wrong in thinking this is a new ‘phase’ for me. Ultimately though I feel a lot less held back and more confident than I ever have before and that’s not something I take too lightly. 

With a renewed sense of self I feel that I’m all about expression, and self-expression is so important because as individuals we strive to be different, outspoken and unique and this is just one of the ways I feel I achieve that. I’m not going to lie to you, it hurts when someone says that I’m simply doing it for attention, or to rebel against some form of suppression, truth be told I take little notice of my hair colour when I’m not looking in the mirror of a morning or an evening and I take heade even less when I’m making decisions or driving myself forward in life or at work and so, you may as well call it a ‘phase’ if you feel so inclined but I’m not out to make a statement, I’m simply being me and I don’t think that will ever change, one minute I’ll be set on blue and the next… Who knows? Maybe violet? 

I’d lastly like to say a huge welcome back, it’s taken me a while to post and for that I’m very sorry. Stay tuned though because I’ve some pretty cool posts on the go! 


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