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Five Days To Go!

I HONESTLY CANNOT BELIEVE WE’RE HERE ALREADY. I thought I’d just breifly summarise what’s been going on since I last posted and let you know that there’s more to come and I’m very much looking forward to the next few posts. It’s been a stop-start month and with everything that’s been going on, I’ve barely felt able to blog. It’s been a time of processing, griefing and healing; together, we’ve made it through and that’s something I know that we’ll keep on doing, for everyone.

Yesterday, we hung up our chirstmas cards and I started binge watching the House of Mouse cartoons! An attempt to get back to some realm of normality I feel has been pretty successful over the weekend and having finished wrapping the last of our Christmas presents yesterdays, I feel well prepared if not completely spirited away by Christmas this year.

I feel in going through the motions that, actually, it’s beginning to feel a little festive today, probably due to realising that we’ve only five days to go and I wish everyday of the year could be preceeded by opening a chocolate-filled calendar. In the last few weeks, we’ve gotten back into a routine and I dare say we’ve been cooking a lot more at home which is definitely, a step in the right direction. We’ve both started back at work, for the second time today and I feel we’re both on track to end the week on a high, with it being Christmas and all.


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