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‘Faithfully’ Written, Produced and Performed by Shawn Collier.

SO, IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR WHEN YOU LOOK AT THE CALENDAR AND REALISE JUST HOW MANY DAYS OF DECEMBER ARE LEFT. Gameface started out being a project of indeterminate length and by the end of this year, it’s just reached seven tracks long. It’s certainly not the best year in terms of quantity, but I think it’s probably the best in terms of quality and standard of these tracks and I’m really proud of how it all came out.

I’d initially written this post over a month ago when I’d finished writing ‘Faithfully’, but since then another two songs have made their way into our lives. I’ve written one which is perhaps my most personal to date and I’m not sure that it will find it’s way on to the internet anytime soon, but we shall see.

As far as faithfully goes, I think of this song as a spiritual successor of a song I did a few years ago called ‘Love Dance’. I didn’t start of wanting to write anything like a dance track but the way Gameface has already taken shape the mix doesn’t sound all as eclectic as I thought it probably would given that this project had no set theme or goals, it just is.

Thematically, Faithfully is about meeting someone that matters to you and stalling; it’s about falling in love and not knowing whether they like you back and choking with fear. I think you realise at that moment that you want to spend every night with them, but there’s every chance you’re falling in love with a total stranger who you know very little about. The song winds it’s way through happy little chords and sequences until the very end and there’s even an accompanying video (see above). If you happen to wander on to my YouTube videos please be sure to leave a nice little comment or thumbs up. It really counts.


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