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Avoiding The Internet

I cannot look. This morning I woke up and heard the news. It’s far from ideal but it is what it is. I guess the long and short of it is, there’s nothing we can do. Democracy in action meant that either one of these had the chance to win the US election and I sincerely hope we’re all better people than when the decision to leave the EU in June.

I had a ‘terrific’ night last night in that Ben and I ordered pizza from Domino’s, initially I was curious about adding EXTRA cheese because, why not? I’d changed up my order by clicking the cheese button just once more and we’d headed out the door.

Only, we live about half an hour from the nearest Domino’s and accidentally I’d already clicked that lovely ‘ASAP’ option. So anyway, we popped in the car post-haste in the pouring rain at about 6pm and I hadn’t even realised the fatal mistake I’d already made. We get home after, more or less, an hour’s drive and my pizza looked suspiciously cheese-less. I sobbed a little inside. Because we live a car journey away, we usually reheat the pizza in the oven before digging in and so Ben had time to go down the road and pick up some Pepsi and some Mozzarella for me.

At this point, the cheese-less catastrophe that could have been so good if I wasn’t such an idiot looked a little more appealing, in my head I was thinking, what are you doing? Playing this pizza like you’re God and adding cheese after the horse has bolted is not going to suddenly make this better – Alas it didn’t, and I probably should have stuck to my initial thought which was eat the damn thing while it’s semi okay. It was probably the most bland, over-crisped pizza I’ve ever had and I have to be honest, I feel like I was conned out of what could have been an amazing pizza if only I’d hit that darn cheese button just one more time.

I digress because I feel like writing these little anecdotes is what blogging is all about, we have long lived in a culture where everything gets posted on the internet. Yes that does mean that people are going to be mortified with America’s choice, but for me that’s just it. Until the beginning of the year I had little or no concern for America’s politics and I’ve always had my fingers crossed that the outcome I wanted would be the obvious choice for most Americans. What I hadn’t factored in until a couple of weeks ago was the fact that both candidates were somewhat dishonest and if had of been me, I didn’t know the first thing either of them were running for just that Donald Trump has said several too many hurtful things and probably did get elected for his hateful speeches and derogatory comments.

This morning I deleted the Facebook app, not permanently but because I’m really not interested in the slander that it is to follow. Throughout our decision to leave the EU I came face to face with a wide array of hurtful messages to anyone who had ‘ruined our future’ and all I could think was – everyone has an opinion, to use yours to hurt someone makes you no better that the injustice you think you are being served. 2016 has brought many a twist and turn to our lives, but I cannot blame those four digits for that. Things are going to be difficult enough as they are and I’m not going to sticking around for anyone’s abuse online because frankly we’re better than that. I firmly believe in leading by example which means being kind to one and another, no matter who they voted for in whatever referendum or election we have next. If the message is love, then I want to be the one who loved and not the one who sat bitterly complaining that the world did not get what I wanted.

I will see you around, and next time you order pizza think of the me and think of the extra cheese I could have had but stupidly did not press for and remember that sometimes you just might be the only scrap of the kindness someone receives in this cruel, sometimes unfair world.


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