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Reviews: Anything Could Happen, Will Walton.



So yes, I woke up this morning, my head still full of cold at about half past five. After checking in on my phone and working out what was going on today I decided to finish this book that I’d been reading for the past two days.

I feel like three stars in the grand scheme of things seems tight, but let me explain. There’s lots to love about this book and it’s character development; What I feel this book lacks is an interesting narrative. Yes, it has a narrative, but it doesn’t surprise me. Nor did it really steer itself an ending. I felt like, much like real life, I was witnessing a stage in this character’s development. The only real conflict came at the beginning of the book and it kind of set itself up suggesting that life in the town in which the characters live would make the narrative, that takes place therein, difficult.

What I liked was that, Tretch, the main character was taken on a journey. It was really interesting to see the internal thought process as he moved through the book before arriving at a conclusion, which could be considered heartbreaking. But really I feel gets downplayed. By the end of the narrative Tretch is largely still closeted, though I’ve a feeling that’s soon to be changed as he’s already confided in his best friend, Matt, a new friend he becomes closer to, Lana, and his brother, Joe.

I feel as though I was blindsided by the ending, in that in came in too fast. Almost as if the author had rushed his conclusion but the events which happen leading up to this are by far the most interesting within the whole book. All in all I enjoyed reading this and for the most part it’s delightfully light (which isn’t at all what I was expecting) and void of conflict. I enjoyed being part of a realistic, albeit not so dynamic, narrative that I can almost certainly relate to. It could have been longer though, with more conflict and a couple of the characters I feel needed fleshing out.


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