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Let’s Talk: Books!

Okay, so I have a very interesting relationship with books, in as much that as a writer I really should read more than an approximate two titles a year. True, the vast majority of what I write ends up become music, or scripted television, so really it ends up being on a more visual or auditory level than reading is.

In the last few years, I’ve really come to terms with who I am, and there’s something very liberating in that. I’m now reading more books that interest me, rather than books I think should interest me. The interesting thing is for me, it’s more about life experiences than huge battle scene, wizards, vampires, werewolves and dystopian novels. In the past I’ve tried to read what everybody else is reading and that worked to a point. I made it to the third Harry Potter book, I managed several chapters of Twilight and a decent way through Divergent before I realised that this really wasn’t working. So maybe it didn’t work, to any point.

What’s interesting is the first book I’ve read in modern times cover to cover, I read in the space of a couple of days. It was John Green’s A Fault In Our Stars. The book really struck a cord with me and even though to me now it seems a little constructed, cliché maybe and it’s not a book I have any particular interest in re-reading it was certainly an emotional driver. It may me wonder whether, maybe, me and reading wasn’t so much the problem as what I was reading. I’d met books that I hadn’t enjoyed, not because I hadn’t enjoyed reading.

Goodreads informs me that I started reading ‘Openly Straight’ by Bill Konigsberg on June 29th, 2014 and finished it July, 3rd. This became the second book that really struck a cord somewhere within myself, because yes… I am gay! I’d seriously downplayed the part of me that now realises just how Important it is to connect with the protagonist and here I did so in a way that I don’t think I had done previously.

The problem now rests that most of the books that feature characters who are not heterosexual are usual pigeon holed into the category of LGBT, which is quite constrictive when you’re trying to read books that are categorised in this way as it becomes more about the ‘issues’ associated with sexuality rather than a compelling read. So far though, I’m really enjoying where I’m headed both in terms of reading and writing so stay tuned and you might just see a book review or two.


One thought on “Let’s Talk: Books!

  1. I can’t wait to continue reading Openly Straight with you! It’s so good. If you ever wanna come browse my bookshelves and borrow anything feel free. I do have some that aren’t dystopian/supernaturaly promise


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