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Boardwalk. Written, Produced and Performed By: Shawn Collier

So for the longest time I’ve produced music under the name ‘Newhampton Atlantic’ and it wasn’t until fairly recently that my friends (on Facebook) realised that I could sing. A fact that I assure you I debate whenever it comes up. What struck me as odd was that I’d shared these songs before, I’d posted time and time again about music that I was working on, only  now they were getting it. Perhaps it’s because for the longest time this music wasn’t explicitly just under my sole name but stuck behind this facade of a great group name that I fell in love with but ultimately would need to explained for people to realise that it was even me to begin with.

A little earlier on in the year, I announced on one of my other blogs that I would be embarking on a new music project. It was new, it was exciting and it still is, for the most part, bang on with where I feel I am creatively. #Gameface is a collection of personal songs into which I have poured my heart and soul. So called because of the second track in the series, but I’d decided that actually, working so intently on an album that people were going to care as little about as the tracks that sum up the project it was much more accessible for me to publish these and the promote them as I went along. At the moment I am looking to continue this project. Finding the time to write, record and produce these songs and having an almost full time job means that it takes a little longer than you might think to put tunes like this together but I feel I’m honing my craft with each note I write.

I wanted to introduce ‘Boardwalk’ in this way because context is everything. This is the very first piece I wrote for the project and it’s certainly a unique piece from my point of view. It’s a song about someone you could well have loved and admired playing love like it’s a game of chance. Affections in this world are won, lost and bet on with a surprising frequency. I feel like when someone cheats on you what they’re really telling you is that their feelings are disposable, they’ve a much greater value as commodities than they have as personal importance and no matter what you have, when there’s a chance to play the game and win more, you’d be a fool not to. Right?!


One thought on “Boardwalk. Written, Produced and Performed By: Shawn Collier

  1. (Phew! I can actually comment! It doesn’t appear on the non-Reader view of your website at all for some reason, eheh…!)

    I hear you with the artist recognition element. I think because psuedonyms and aliases are common routes of comfort for artists in this day and age, others aren’t as susceptible to recognizing you with exception to a very openly expressed link, as you mentioned, or if they’ve seen you live. Hence why I stopped full-on music blogging for a good while (still partially stuck in that guise), as I received the most recognition and feedback through friends at open mics, so the format of an online blog became increasingly redundant – with the exception of soundcloud, which appeared surprisingly versatile.

    Either way, I’m glad to be able to listen to these personal tracks of yours on here, and with a sense of continuity – so much of current song-writing is purely topical or catchiness driven (both of which are highly meritable), but we rightly musn’t forget the purpose of narrative-driven music either!


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