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So the time has come to talk about things that I enjoy working on and their relationship with this blog. At the heart of what I do I want my personality to shine through. And to a large extent that means posting content that I’m a hundred per cent convinced represents me and what I do. I’ve been tussling with the idea of posting a vast array of things on this site but I was worried that it would become too much like my old blog to hold any significance in the future. I think there’s a part of me that’s still a little afraid this will happen. I want to assure you that I’m not going to be posting anything that I’m not proud to call my own and I’m not forcing anyone to listen, subscribe, download or pay for any content whatsoever on this blog.

I do want to stress however that I love writing these posts, in fact, any post I write for that matter and I like to think that there’s someone out there who’s very interested in what I’m saying or going to be saying in the future. In this respect in the next few days I plan on posting some of my music from my latest project here for the world to hear. I’m only going to be posting the absolutely cream of the crop though for you to enjoy and I’ve been fighting with WordPress this afternoon, trying to find out if there is a way to keep my music seperate from my blogging endeavours; But it seems that without opening blog after blog to keep things separate the different parts of my creative and personal lives are inevitably going to collide.

Consider this site then as a sort of culmination of everything that I do creatively. I’m not going to post reviews and lists of all the favourite songs I like, unless that’s what you’re here for?! But I am going to be sharing what I do with you, and this seems like an ideal platform from which to share my creative endeavours for the time being. In their very being, these songs are most definitely me. For the most part their written by me, performed by and produced, you guessed it, by me. They’re every bit as intimate as the posts that appear on this very blog. The important thing is that they’re all here under the same name and that everyone knows who they’re hearing and that I’m not hiding behind an artifice any longer.

There’s no obligation as I have said however there are places like my band camp page for example where if you feel what I’m singing and producing is worth while you can put a little something towards it. You name your price and it’s absolutely free to a good home but remember that artists, for the most part, can only improve and respond to the input of their fans. First and foremost I am a human being, and all human beings need to eat, sleep, work and play. I’d love my career to be filled with the things I actually like doing and leave me feeling fuelled creatively as well as financially. Sadly, the bottom line for me right now is that this simply isn’t practical. If it were, I’d be making new content everyday: Videos, blogs, music and the list carries on. Sad as it may sound that is not the life I currently lead and more than likely, won’t ever be but who knows what’s around the corner? It’s all just baby steps for now right?!

What is more valuable, perhaps now more than ever, is that anyone who does like what they hear to let me know. Whether that’s through constructive criticism, compliments, shares, likes etc. it’s a dream come true just knowing that to someone you are important and your work is acknowledged and received by an audience who loves the work that you do. After all a gallery kept in the dark might just be full of work of exceptionally love and quality, but without anyone else to uncover it the world would never know.



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