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The Great Shenji Adventure: #Day4

Update: Video to follow.

Day four was Phantasia Land time, I’d underestimated just how far it was away though. Four hours, or thereabouts, is a lot of driving when you get up for eight a.m., trapse around a theme park all day and leave again at six p.m. It’s not so much tiring as it is tedious, when all you’ve done over the last couple of days is drive, certainly during days one and two!

Colorado Adventure Coaster


We got there in the end, and I must say both Theme parks have been a doddle to get to and have been so well positioned off the motorway. In fact all the driving we’ve done on the continent has felt almost effortless, we haven’t had to travel down any narrow, winding country roads or get lost following vague signposts. I was, at first, dreading driving on the other side of the road probably for the most part because of my own lack of self-esteem. Having a sat-nav app on my phone that doesn’t guzzle away vast amounts of data has also been a tremendous help, even if it has been very over-eager and on to the next direction sometimes before I’ve even done the last.

Black Mamba Coaster
Black Mamba Coaster

I digress. Upon following the wrong car park signs, which actually worked out for the best, we stumbled upon the second of two entrances to the park. The ‘China Town’ entrance was the least grand and spectacular of the two but the park didn’t really have the same engaging wow factor from the moment you set foot which made the first few rides seem like we’d stepped into a theme park back home and could have been anywhere in the world for that matter. Overall though by the end of the day I was still amazed by the amount of theming and building of grand structures to house some spectacular rides that were a joy to experience. Some of the areas were themselves like little self-contained towns. It was like you actually were walking through a picturesque south american town. It reminded me almost of like a downtown disney feel. You had bars, restaurants, all very authentic, scattered around these areas seemlessly transitioning you from one end of the park to the next ride, though finding Colorado Adventure (Phantasia Land’s mine train ride) was certainly more difficult that I figure it probably needed to be.

Chiapas, Log Flume Attraction
Chiapas, Log Flume Attraction

Some stand out attractions for me were certainly that good ol’ Colorado Adventure, which seemed to last a satisfying amount of time compared to the time we’d spent in the queue; Chiapas, by far and away one of the best water rides I’ve ever come across thanks to it’s backwards dancing, disco section (random, I know!) and Winja’s fear and force, the best spinning coaster I know of to this date complete with tilting track pieces and a pitch black lift which takes right to the tip-top of the building from which you begin your bouncy, spinning journey back to the station complete with airtime hills. Talocan was another delight that reminded me very much of ripsaw at Alton Towers with the intensity turned up. It is indeed a Top Spin ride, hence the reminder, which I’ve always had a particular soft spot for and was very much saddened by the fact that Alton Towers’ had been taken down earlier this year. But this was like a Top Spin on steroids complete with pyrotechnics and water fountains.

Talocan, Top Spin Attraction
Talocan, Top Spin Attraction



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