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Let’s Talk: Introductions

Normally, I’m not the best at formalities or popping in and saying ‘Hi’. Being consistent is a work in progress and so here I am starting a new segment called ‘Let’s Talk’. I aim to do these every week and I’ll be talking about matters that affect my life, and the things I’ve had to deal with while navigating my twenties.


When a particularly sore point opens up on the internet it’s important to remember that everyone has opinions, these may quite well be completely different to your own. I don’t want to go on ranting and raving about something that’s extremely personal and not give you the chance to add your own slant on the situation and so I emplore you to ‘get active’ if there’s something you’re particularly passionate about and use the comments section below each post to continue the topic of conversation or add your own topics for us to discuss at some point in the future. It’s your blog too.

Blogs, and other such media found on the internet, have garnered a reputation for empowering people to the point where it’s excessive. (You can shame any Tom, Dick or Sally with a certain amount of Anonymity and that’s not so empowering for the people reading said posts.) It’s likely that when we have a bad experience around town or in our local supermarket we want to post online about our terrible experience. Freedom of speech allows us to do that but just like everything in life, it should be measured and not to the detriment of our fellow human beings. Other people reading the situation or witnesses likely had something to say about the situation too but weren’t in the right context to do so. While we can’t defend someone who is not present, we should also bear in mind that they could read this at another point in the future and it just may well be something they take with them. Words are important, let’s treat them with the importance they deserve.

That being said, there are certain views I feel I need to share; values and opinions that are important to me and, thus, help to build up a bigger picture of who I am and why I’m writing in the first place. With that in mind then…

Let me start by explaining a little bit about myself so that you know what’s likely to come up in conversation. I’m an extremely open individual when it comes to introductions. While I’m quite and reserved in opinions a fair bit of the time, there’s never a time I’m not thinking and quite possibly overthinking various conversations I have had, what I should have said and how I feel about proceedings. There’s nothing I won’t talk about with the internet and as far as I can see much about today’s world is worth discussing, especially by those who will be shaping tomorrow’s world. Here we’re going to talk about all kinds of things including (but not limited to): Equal opportunities, social views,
political views (We’ll discuss what’s important here, not slander or conjecture), sexuality, mental illnesses, love, living and so on and so forth.

I’ll end by saying this: I will occassionally pull in sources to balance my argument and I’ll always try to see multiple sides to life’s little dramas but let’s face it, this is a blog. It would be inappropriate to write university style essays on a blog that’s intended for personal and not academic consumption and therefore if there is something I’m particularly outspoken about please don’t be offended.
I’m hoping that I think (and write) in a manner which is unlikely to offend but it’s possible that we won’t always see eye-to-eye and so I emplore you to have some common courtesy. If something said here just doesn’t sit right give your response some forethought, if it’d be considered bullying or offensive for whatever reason don’t post it and those are really my only rules.


2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk: Introductions

    1. Hey, thank you. Sadly, I’m not yet looking for guest writers; I’m trying to expand on what’s already here myself as it’s more of a personal blog about the things I love. I hope it encourages you to start blogging yourself though.


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