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The Great Shenji Adventure: #Day3

Update: Unfortunately the YouTube video didn’t upload and so I’m going to have re-upload day three when I get back to the UK. Watch this space.

So this has been a little behind schedule as the WiFi in the hotel has been playing up and for some reason I haven’t actually been able to upload anything. It just about managed a YouTube video over the course of several days, but the application I use to blog wouldn’t connect. Anyway, enough excuses.

Day three of our trip was possibly the most exciting for me because Efteling is a place I vaguely remember when I was much younger and residing in Germany, so I was probably about six or seven. My partner’s also been several times but not for about seven years or so. Since then a lot has changed and it’s certainly not the park I remember it being.

For those who haven’t been it’s a magic realm of fantasy and adventure. Everything is themed with such attention to detail and the park really excels with it’s indoor attraction, possibly more than anything else. The theming of their pre-shows and queue lines and even their most up-to-date attraction, Baron 1898, fits in superbly even though at its heart, it’s a dive coaster. Somehow Efteling transcends an attraction from a ride with theming to an experience, with pre-shows, music, models and animatronics that come to life as you watch. So it’s really not hard to see where Disneyland found its european inspiration.


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