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The Great Shenji Adventure: #Day2

So after a fair few hours battling with YouTube yesterday and again today, it looks like our second instalment is finally uploading. We spent a fair portion of the day yesterday travelling and it’s fair to say I did not sleep well the night before. The Channel Tunnel crossing was no way near as nerve racking as I had previously thought and we did find a surprisingly nice bacon roll along the way, which we ate as we were crossing. This being the first time I’ve made the crossing on my own, I kind of knew what to expect but it startles me just how much you take for granted when it’s your parents driving and you’re just sat in the back listening to music and playing video games.

The other side was just as pleasant and I have to say that now we’ve arrived in Waalwijk and we’re settled, it’s so picturesque and clean here. After checking in at about 2:00pm yesterday, we ventured out in search of food. Finding a McDonald’s that served Fritssaus, which is a little different to traditional dutch Fritssaus (think of this as a very rich, almost sweet tasting mayonnaise normally, and this was combined with a pickles – it’s just like the McDonald’s mayo I remember from everywhere else.) It’s nice to know that no matter where you are in the world things don’t really change that much if there’s a McDonald’s nearby.

After this we ventured back to the hotel for some much needed chilling time, only to remember that we actually had nothing else to drink, other than the good ol’ expensive mini bar and so went out, yet again, to find a supermarket and bought some truly amazing things: Ham flavoured waffle crisps, blackcurrant fanta and Milka were just some of the things we came back to the hotel with.

Anyways, got to go because we’re setting off on #Day3 in a bit. To Efteling we go! See you soon.


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