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No Time Like The Present

So today being Sunday 25th September means that we are officially now on holiday and are departing the country tomorrow. Today’s itinerary includes: luncheon with my parents, as they live just close enough to pop in and say farewell to before our long journey down to Folkestone where we shall be catching the Channel Tunnel across to Calais in the morning.

I feel it’s important that I’m writing this blog post at 25 to 12 on Friday night as I probably won’t have time to update you all on our progress before we reach Folkestone tonight. There’s no time like the present to start talking about this though, it’s so exciting I can hardly contain my thoughts and as you can see they’re wandering all over this paragraph… Where was I going with this post again?

Oh yeah, so to continue… My parents go on holiday a lot now that my dad’s retired, it’s safe to assume that actually our Devonian home is in actual fact more of a stop over than a permenant residence, I guess this is how wealthy businesspeople and multi-platinum best selling recording artists relatives feel, huh?

I digress, it’s cool that this time the tables turn and we get to do our thing too. I think I’m most looking forward to having tomorrow morning out of the way, Channel tunnel crossing are set to be much more stressful than in previous years I fear but I’ll keep splitting it up in to bitesize chunks and hopefully that should get me through the worst of it.

Talk to you soon…


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