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The Grand Shenji Adventure 2016

So, I like to get super organised and have everything planned out weeks in advance of everything I do… Wait a minute. That doesn’t sound like me at all.

We (My Fiancé Benji and I) leave for Kaatsheuvel, Holland in a couple of days and there’s literally only one shift left to go at work before our most grand adventure to date. As usual, I’ve not packed anything, partly due to the firm belief that I can’t live out of a suitcase when I’m at home. There’s always that one thing you pack that you never use but you can’t possibly do without it now that it’s impractical to go rummaging through your suitcase again to find it, thus having to pack all over again!

In all fairness, I’ve been doing the things that no-one ever does on their holidays, at least not as a priority. Today I’ve been making our Theme Park playlist and searching the web for Theme Parks in countries we’re not even going to, and if that doesn’t sound like procrastination then I don’t know what does.

I wanna start by saying that our relationship has changed the way I look at Theme Parks, rollercoaster, carousels, you name it. I’ve gone from toe-dipping enthusiast to borderline obsessive and it’s all thanks to my other half. It’s a pretty big deal because it now means that we both get to spend an entire holiday, planning exactly what we love to do and we plan on filling that time to the absolute brim.

If you’d have asked me to name you elements from a rollercoaster a couple of years ago, I’d have probably laughed at you. I’m still no authority by any stretch, but I’m aware of manufacturers of rides, inversions in a coaster. For other enquiries though I suggest you go to Ben, he’s quite the wizard at this sort of thing.

Previous overseas holidays have always involved my parents, I’ve never really been anywhere without them. Trips to London, Wales and that sort of thing but nothing any further afield than Aberdeen! This isn’t just the first time going to another country without them, it’s my first time driving and crossing the channel! Which all seems pretty big a couple of days beforehand, but I know I’ll be fine. Plus I have to go, because I can’t hold back the biggest part of me that wants to revisit Efteling (the first time doesn’t really count because it’ was prior to 2000 and I was probably only 6 or 7) and even stock up on some frittsaus amongst other things. Seeing as how neither of us has been to Phantasialand (which is just over the border in Bruhl) we’ve shoehorned that one in to.

I rather unfortuantely, it now seems, agreed to take you guys with us every step of the way! So come and join us, I plan to start vlogging as we pack and I’ll hopefully be able to blog everyday once we’re over there, WiFi permitting of course.

Stay tuned for The Grand Shenji Adventure 2016, more to follow real soon folks.


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